GoGold Resources Announces Results of Annual Meeting


Mar 23, 2017
PR #03-2017
Trading Symbol: TSX: GGD
Shares Issued: 171,376,481

GoGold Resources Announces Results of Annual Meeting

GoGold Resources Inc. (“GoGold” or the “Company”) (TSX: GGD) is pleased to announce that at the annual meeting of shareholders held on March 23, 2017 (the “Meeting”), the shareholders re-elected Terence Coughlan, Phillip Gaunce, George Waye, Terrence Cooper and Dana Hatfield as directors of the Company for the forthcoming year. Each director was elected by a majority of the votes on a show of hands and the table below presents the votes represented by proxy in respect of the election of each director:

Nominee Votes For Votes Withheld
Terence Coughlan 64,512,021 (84.89%) 11,485,183 (15.11%)
Phillip Gaunce 64,512,121 (84.89%) 11,485,083 (15.11%)
George Waye 64,516,721 (84.89%) 11,480,483 (15.11%)
Terrence Cooper 64,460,121 (84.82%) 11,537,083 (15.18%)
Dana Hatfield 64,467,121 (84.83%) 11,530,083 (15.17%)

In addition, at the Meeting, KPMG LLP, Chartered Accountants, were re-appointed as the auditors of the Company until the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are duly appointed, at a remuneration to be fixed by the directors.

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